Disability Insurance

90% of disabilities aren’t work-related and therefore don’t qualify for Workers’ Compensation benefits.

You’ve worked hard to get where you are. The ability to work in your occupation or specialty is valuable. ‘Own-occupation’ disability insurance offers the peace of mind that your income is protected.

Everything in your life depends on your ability to make a living. What you don’t know is that it is all in jeopardy. According to recent studies, individuals are more likely to become disabled due to accidents or illnesses than become deceased. Most Americans do not have enough savings which will allow them to live off while recovering from disability. This is why disability insurance is so important. It pays a segment of your pay in case you cannot work for a long or short period of time due to injury or illness.  Insurezy provides you with disability insurance from notable and trustworthy insurance companies so that you can continue to work and live stress free.